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Continuous Inkjet Inks

PrintJet Corporation does more than just sell printers and printer parts for handy industrial use. When you need high-quality ink for your industrial printer, trust PrintJet as your CIJ ink manufacturer.

Uses of Continuous Inkjet Inks

Continuous Inkjet inks (CIJ inks) serve a special purpose in the commercial world. They do more than simply print words on paper — they have uses that can make the lives of manufacturers and sellers far easier and more efficient. CIJ inks typically prove their usefulness when it comes to coding and marking products and product packaging. Their main practical functions include printing:

  • Numbers: As a manufacturer, you may have to print numbers on a product for many different reasons. For instance, you may have to print a lot number on your products for identification purposes. Similarly, if you sell or develop food or beverage products, you need to add a best-before date or expiration date on the packaging. CIJ inks are ideal for these types of markings because of the clarity the ink provides.
  • Logos: Product logos can be small, intricate and difficult to print using normal ink. CIJ inks like ours ensure your logo, whether it's printed on paper or plastic products, comes out looking smooth and crisp. While your logo may be well-made and memorable, the quality of printing is what makes an impression on customers.
  • Bar Codes: Most consumer products need a bar code, and thanks to how intricate and diverse they can be, it’s important to make sure they are printed at the highest quality. CIJ printer ink can handle this job, no matter what type of product you need to mark.
  • Other Data: Depending on the product in question, you may need to use CIJ ink to print other data as well. For instance, foods or medications typically need ingredients lists, while electronics have multiple labels, such as security and FCC labeling. Whatever kind of labeling you need, we are your most dependable CIJ ink suppliers.

Products That Are Compatible With CIJ Ink

There are many products you can mark using our CIJ printer make up fluids and continuous inkjet inks. The versatility of the ink allows you to use it for:

  • Food Packaging: Whether your food products are packaged in glass, cans, paper or plastic, you can mark or code them using CIJ inks. From hamburger rolls to powder packets and cans of chicken noodle soup, CIJ printer ink allows you to print on both flat and curved surfaces so you can make marking a more convenient process.
  • Beverage Packaging: Just like on food packages, you can also easily mark beverage packaging with CIJ inks. For example, you can print on plastic or glass bottles of water and soda — and the ink also works on paper packages and cartons.
  • Personal Care Products: Products like cosmetics and medicine bottles usually need many different labels, as well as ingredient lists. That’s why CIJ ink makes it simple to print on tubes and plastic or glass bottles that may be used for personal care products.

PrintJet Corporation manufactures a broad range of continuous ink jet (CIJ) inks that are cost effective replacement inks for many OEM manufacturers including VideoJet®, Domino®, Imaje®, Linx® Citronix®, and other printers. Our innovative ink technology is designed and manufactured in our on-site laboratory. This facility enables us to design and manufacture inks that meet our customers’ most complex printing needs. With our level of expertise, we are able to produce the highest quality CIJ inks on the market.

Our broad product line of general purpose dye-based continuous ink jet (CIJ) inks is suitable for most applications and is available in a vast range of solvents and colors. Most applications require black print on a light colored substrate, PrintJet CIJ inks are developed to be used on metal, glass, PVC, other plastics, and laminated paper. Pigmented inks are used for printing on darker substrates and are available in white, gray, silver, and light blue. Our micro-pigmented CIJ inks deliver codes in intense colors likes yellow, orange, red, and green, using a standard printer.

Ink Applications

  • UV Curable and UV Readable
  • Returnable Glass Inks & Washable Inks for Special Applications
  • High Temperature Ink
  • Alcohol Resistant Inks
  • Thermochromic Inks (Change color after Retort Cycle)
  • Non-Transfer inks for cable and wire printing
  • Custom ink development for special application

PrintJet’s continuous ink jet (CIJ) inks are the best choice for quality inks at an economical price. Please contact us today for more information. We can manufacture alternative make-up or top-off fluids for an ink.

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At PrintJet we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with a total solution for coding equipment, inks and alternative parts for their specific application, while providing the most economical cost per code possible.

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