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Used Videojet® CIJ Printers

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Why buy a brand-new printer when you can buy a refurbished one for less money that functions just as well? PrintJet USA is a used VideoJet® printer distributor and offers a large variety of refurbished Videojet® CIJ printers & coders that can make your navigation through the world of manufacturing and business far more efficient. From the Videojet® Excel-P printer to the Videojet® 1310 and several other reliable models, we have options that will change the way you work.

When you buy a Videojet® printer or printer part from our company, you can rest assured that it will be delivered to you in like-new condition. Just in case a problem should arise early on, though, we also offer a six-month warranty to guarantee that you will receive the highest quality possible for the most reasonable price. Learn more about our Used VideoJet® Equipment below. 

Videojet® CIJ Properties

Videojet® printers are fast and dependable machines, mostly thanks to the fact that Videojet® has been making its mark on the printing industry for the last 40 years. But it’s their CIJ printers that can make the biggest difference in business competition.

With their special technology that is unique to them, Videojet® printers give you the capability to place clear text or imagery on either flat or curved surfaces. The secret is the piezoelectric crystal that splits the ink up into drops as they move through a nozzle. They are then charged by electrodes and pushed through an electrostatic field and deflectors that determine where they will fall on the surface. No printer works quite so quickly and effectively as this one, making it the best choice if you need to create small text or images.

Videojet® CIJ Printers Applications

The reason that a Videojet® CIJ printer is the right choice for sellers and manufacturers is that it makes it possible to print not only on regular paper, but also on products and product containers. For instance, if you need to print out incredibly small writing to place on a product, a Videojet® inkjet printer will use its high-speed technology to make the writing come out looking sharp and easy to read.

On the other hand, this printer can also help you create other complex markings for products, such as logos and bar codes. A bar code on a beverage container or an intricate logo design comes out crystal clear with one of our refurbished Videojet® CIJ printers. Using one of these machines is a great way to help streamline your process and remove unnecessary stress.

Buy a Refurbished Videojet® CIJ Printer Today

Individual businesses often have unique and specific requirements for buying printers and printer parts, and PrintJet can help you find the used Videojet® printer that works best for you. Buy your Videojet® CIJ printer or Videojet® Thermal printer from PrintJet today.

PrintJet is a wholesaler for Videojet, which means we sell Videojet printers at a discounted price, allowing them to be an alternative choice for printers. We're not the original manufacturer for Videojet — we can work with technicians to create customized coding. We even offer warranties on our Videojet printers. Reach out to us to learn more!

PrintJet has the Perfect Solution

At PrintJet we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with a total solution for coding equipment, inks and alternative parts for their specific application, while providing the most economical cost per code possible.

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