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Drop On Demand Intermac Printers

PrintJet is proud to Distribute Intermac DOD inkjet printers. Our selection of Intermac DOD printers & markers have a number of excellent benefits and features. Read more below!

Easy to use and operate (DOD) Drop-on-Demand printers have been designed to out preform other prints on various applications. Large LP7000+ plus inkjet controller with graphic LCD display with Easy to Use Software Menus.

  • Provides flexible marking with fast speeds of 175 meters per minute
  • maccell technology printers can be used on a wide variety of field applications
  • Designed for easy operation with minimal maintenance
  • Multi-language support
  • Interactive Menu Displays
  • Easy message editing and other functions makes these printers the perfect choice
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Maccell™ DOD Printhead

Maccell Printhead
  • Unique Compact Design for Easy Installation and Maintainence
  • The 4mm solenoid valve in the printhead weighs only 3 grams
  • Its size and design make the maccell printhead one of the most efficient printheads in the industry
  • Fast speed and easy-to-use ARRARY valve enable the system to adjust the size of large characters to smaller
    characters more than any other DOD systems
    Maccell Arrary Valve
  • Pocket type solenoid valve helps reduce maintenance costs and down-time.

InterMac offers two types of maccell printheads

  • Type C Printhead uses water-based ink to mark on porous substrates corrugated carton boxes
  • Type P Printhead uses MEK based ink for non-porous surfaces like PP polypropylene, bags, steel, vinyl and glass.
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Industries & Applications Served:

Intermac Industries Application

Please allow 5-10 business days for delivery for all printers.

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Product Selection Guide:

InterMac Product Selection Guide

Wide Variety of Inks Available:

Water based for Porous Substrates:
Standard and Fast Dry - Black, Red, Blue Green, Yellow, Orange

High Definition Water Based: Bar Codes - Black

Solvent Inks for Non-Porous Applications:
Ethanol and MEK - Black, Red, Blue Green, Yellow, Orange, White

Product Line:

  • maccell DOD Ink jet
  • maccell MP7
  • maccell Pigment Ink jet
  • maccell T3+ Marker
  • maccell HP7
  • Handy-jet
  • MAC-2000 CLP

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