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Industrial Inkjet Printers & Coders


PrintJet offers a variety of industrial Inkjet printers & coders, as well as date coders. We distribute brands such as Linx, KGK, and more. Browse through our selection of printers or call us today!

As a wholesaler for some of the most reliable coding equipment manufacturers on the market, we’re committed to providing you with products and services that help you satisfy your customers' needs in a more efficient, timely manner.

Manufacturers and sellers of food, pharmaceutical and industrial packaging need high-quality printers and coders to add proper tracking information, ingredient lists, logos and more. Discover how our industrial inkjet coding machines can make product and case coding a far faster and help streamline your manufacturing process.

Choose PrintJet for Your Coding Needs

Inkjet coding machines are built to withstand and thrive in a variety of industrial uses, which is why you can count on our products to speed up your production processes. PrintJet customer support is only a phone call away, so act now and order one of our discounted OEM printers.

Finding the right high-speed coding machine is about more than simply cutting back on expenses — it’s about helping you satisfy your customers and making your business grow in a changing industry.

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Printer/Coder Manufacturers

At PrintJet, we believe in offering you an array of coding options that can provide the most efficiency and durability in businesses and production lines. Buying new printers and printer parts from OEMs can become a costly endeavor fast, which is why we strive to provide you with easier solutions. For a discounted price, you can order an OEM printer or coder from PrintJet that’s been refurbished and verified for a level of quality, which can help you weather the most challenging projects for years to come.

We sell refurbished printer products from a wide variety of reputable manufacturers, including but not limited to:

  • Videojet®
  • Willett®
  • Domino®
  • Imaje®
  • Linx®

Whether you need small character printers, date-coding equipment or low-maintenance machines, one of our OEMs has the optimal piece of equipment you’re looking for.

Industrial Inkjet Printing & Coding Applications

We offer industrial inkjet printers & coders for all your industrial coding needs, no matter what types of substrates you work with. Many of the printing machines we have in stock can be applied to products themselves, as well as various types of packaging. Whether your printing needs apply to the plastic bottles containing over-the-counter medicine or the cartons filled with orange juice in the cold food aisle, there’s an inkjet printer that can do the job.

Inkjet technology allows our OEM printers to operate at high speeds and create clear images you would expect to see on professionally manufactured products. We have date-coding equipment, along with printers optimized for bar codes, logos and other important labels normally found on products or casing. We offer multiple types of coders, including:

  • Continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers
  • Valve drop-on-demand (DOD) printers
  • High-resolution DOD printers
  • Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO)
  • TIJ thermal jet high-resolution printers

These machines all offer economical solutions to your printing and coding requirements. If you need help deciding on the right equipment to apply to your business operations, we’re happy to offer you our support.

Explore our Product ID Inkjet Printers & Coding Equipment

Continuous Ink Jet

Continuous Ink Jet
PrintJet has continuous ink jet printers for your small character, primary packaging marking applications.

PrintJet CIJ Coders

  • Logos & Variable Information
  • Alpha-numeric Codes
  • Date and Time Codes
  • Large Selection of Inks to Accommodate Different Substrates  
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Valve D.O.D. Coders

Valve D.O.D. Coders
PrintJet’s selection of D.O.D. large character ink jet printers are the best choice for economical, quality printing on secondary packaging.

PrintJet D.O.D. Coders

  • Versatile Dot Sizes
  • Variable Character Widths
  • Print Delay Control
  • Date and Time Coding
  • Alpha-Numeric Codes
  • Serial or Lot Numbers
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Thermal Inkjet Printer

Thermaljet Systems
PrintJet Introduces Compact Inkjet Coders with the Lowest Running Costs and Easiest Operation for Coding on Porous Substrates.

TIJ Thermaljet Coders

  • Thermaljet Cartridges
  • Easy Operation & Installation
  • Cost Effective & Portable 
  • Low Cost consumables
  • Ideal for Pourous Carbon Printing

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PrintJet has the Perfect Solution

At PrintJet we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with a total solution for coding equipment, inks and alternative parts for their specific application, while providing the most economical cost per code possible.

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