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Drop On Demand Inkjet Printers

For the best in versatility, reliability, quality and cost efficiency, consider a drop on demand inkjet printer from PrintJet Corporation. Our industry leading drop on demand (DOD) printers and carton printers are well-suited for carton printing that requires large character coding.

Drop on demand printers deliver great results on porous material such as secondary packaging, corrugated boxes, and wood, as well as non-porous materials such as metal and plastic or cartons with varnish. DOD printers have printheads that can be mounted in various ways, enabling printing in any direction.

DOD InkJet Printers

DOD coders are economical, easy to use and low maintenance. These DOD printers integrate seamlessly into a production line with a quick and easy start up process. DOD coders are perfect for printing variable information such as date and time coding, alpha-numeric codes, lot or serial numbers, day of week designations or work shifts.

Our drop on demand inkjet printers can be configured to meet any large character printing and coding requirement. After many years of working with companies in the food processing, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries, among others, PrintJet has the expertise to design custom quality coding systems and improve your operations with speed, accuracy, and efficiency maximizing product capabilities.

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Innovative Ink-Jet Coder

Portable ink-jet technology for now and the Future

  • 1st Hand Held portable DOD Printer
  • 7 x 5 Dot Matrix
  • Easy formatting & wireless operation
  • Wireless Communication
  • 50 continuous Hours of Use

HandJet EBS-250

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Value D.O.D. Ink Jet

PrintJet's selection of D.O.D. large character ink jet printers are the best choice for economical, quality printing on secondary packaging.

PrintJet D.O.D. Coder Features:

  • Versatile Dot Sizes
  • Variable Character Widths
  • Print Delay Control
  • Date and Time Coding
  • Alpha-Numeric Codes
  • Serial or Lot Numbers
  • Corrugated Carton Coding (porous substrates)

PrintJet has the Perfect Solution

At PrintJet we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with a total solution for coding equipment, inks and alternative parts for their specific application, while providing the most economical cost per code possible.

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