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ALE High Resolution Printers & Coders

For secondary packaging, large character, and bar code applications, PrintJet USA supplies state-of-the-art ALE® high resolution printers & coders. ALE® high resolution coders can handle the most challenging coding requirements.

For applications requiring a compact printer, the ALE® Easy Series is ideal. Available in three models, the Easy Series is built for efficient side printing on most common surfaces. The ALE® Easy Series printer offers easy installation and low maintenance as well as a robust yet sleek design to handle harsh industrial environments. When paired together alongside an ALE® Master Pi2 Controller, the ALE® Easy Series creates a quick and efficient system for printing on two sides of a box.

The ALE Flex Series has an umbilical enabling omnidirectional printing on all substrates, depending on the type of ink. On top of that, this printer is durable and requires little maintenance. The ALE® Flex Series also comes in three different configurations, each built to handle a wide array of market applications. The Flex series is particularly useful for printing on top of boxes or containers as part of the manufacturing process.

The ALE® MasterPi is the latest controller of ALE, with a renewed design and even more powerful system. The ALE® MasterPi has an industrial design with a stainless-steel enclosure. It comes in three models that can connect up to eight printheads (CORAL and CALYPSO ranges) at once. These easy to install controllers are RS232/Ethernet/TCP/IP network compatible and are also compatible with Wi-fi network collections with a selected option. The ALE® MasterPi is compatible and can easily be connected to most databases and devices, including scales and barcode scanners through a conveniently accessed USB slot. The ALE® MasterPi controller now also runs on CodeX, ALE new software which allows you to create complex labels with texts, high-quality graphics, data, and barcodes.

Printjet USA also offers a variety of high-resolution printer inks to pair with your ALE® printer system. We offer inks for both porous and non-porous surfaces.

ALE® solvent-based inks are ideal for non-porous surfaces. These inks are best suited for applications utilizing materials like varnish, metal, plastics, etc. On the other hand, ALE® oil-based inks are ideal for porous surfaces. These inks are best suited for applications utilizing items like non-varnished boxes, bags, containers, etc. ALE® ink for high resolutions printers is available in both 250 and 600mL bottles.

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ALE® High Resolution Printers & Coders At An Unbeatable Price

From compact models to customizable designs, ALE® high resolution printers offer the highest in quality, efficiency, and value. Please contact PrintJet Corporation to learn more.

Please allow 5-10 business days for delivery for all printers.

Ale Nano Series

ALE Nano Series
High Resolution Stand-Alone "All in one Box" Printer

  • Side and omnidirectional printing on porous or non-porous substrates
  • 18mm of print band
  • Up to 42m/min. for a resolution of 180 dpi
  • WVGA 5" LCD Touch screen display
  • Intuitive Codx user interface; multiple languages
  • Easy to install or service
  • Connection for alarm, photo cell and encoder
  • Compatible with popular Database format
  • Industrial and compact
  • TCP/IP and WiFi network
  • Integrated ink low alarm

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TC-Twin Series

TC-Twin Series

  • Available in 3 models: 54, 72 and 144mm print height
  • Side printing only
  • Driven by the MasterHD controller (Up to 4 systems)
  • 180Dpi vertical resolution, Max. resolution 360 Dpi
  • Maximum print speed: 50m/mm (180dpi)
  • Automatic colour management of any 2 colours
  • Industrial design with stainless steel enclosure
ALE® TC Series

ALE® TC Series
Compact High Resolution Ink Jet Printer

  • 3 Models - TC18mm, TC54mm
    TC72mm, TC144mm 35 or 80pL
  • Side printing only, for porous and non-porous surfaces
  • 180dpi vertical resolution, Up to 360dpi maximum resolution
  • Maximum print speed 60m/min (180dpi)
  • Priming button & ink low built-in
  • Easy installation
  • Low annual maintenance
  • Industrial and robust design

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ALE® Coral CYMK & Calypso CMY Series

ALE® Coral CYMK & Calypso CMY Series
Full Color High Resolution Ink Jet Printer

  • Available in 3 models: Coral CMYK 72mm, Coral CMYK 144mm, and CALYPSO (CMY)) 144mm
  • Side printing only
  • Available for porous and non-porous substrates
  • 180dpi vertical resolution, Up to 360dpi maximum resolution
  • Maximum print speed 60m/min (180dpi)
  • Driven by MasterHD 8 output version
  • Intelligent management of color through the Codex Design Software
  • Printing your images / logos and traceability data in color
  • Ink low detection built in
  • Easy and quick annual maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Industrial, compact and robust
  • Marking on polystyrene / cardboard / paper / wood / foam etc.
ALE® TZ-PR Series

ALE® TZ-PR Series
Omnidirectional High Resolution Ink Jet Printer

  • Available in 4 Models/print heights - TZ18mm, TZ34mm, TZ54mm,TZ72mm
  • Available for porous or non-porous substrates
  • Easy Installation
  • Low Annual Maintenance – removable cover for servicing, sliding cover to protect ink bottle
  • Omnidirectional printing (from top, down, bottom or angle)
  • Priming button & ink low built-in
  • Printing Resolution 180dpi vertical up to maximum 360dpi
  • Maximum print speed 60m/min 180dpi depending on model and resolution
  • Industrial and robust design
ALE® MasterHD Series

ALE® MasterHD Series
High Resolution Ink Jet Controllers

  • 3 Models Available for 2, 4 or 8 head connections (576mm print height)
  • Up to 8 printheads connected simultaneously
  • Compatible with RS232/Ethernet?wifi?TCP/IP networks
  • USB slot and connections for photocell and encoders
  • Up to 200 stored messages
  • Intuitive codx user friendly software, multi-lingual
Codex© Software

Codex© Software
Easy to use Image Design Software

  • Intuitive image creation
  • Easy import of all image formats
  • Texts, barcodes (including Datamatrix GS1 with variable content
  • Fixed and external data
  • A multitude of date and time formats
  • Easy creation of any barcode format
  • All date and time formats; expiry date offset in months / weeks / days / hours / minutes
  • Pre and post dating
  • Variable fields filled up by RS232, Ethernet connections or database
  • RS232 command protocol
  • Free regular software updates
  • Easy to install Windows XP / Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit
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Ale Nano and Print Sample

Hi-Resolution ALE Printers

PrintJet has Hi-Resolution ink jet printers for large character, secondary packaging and bar coding.

PrintJet Hi-Res Coder Features:

  • Variable Bar Code Capabilities
  • Alpha-Numeric Printing
  • No Ink Spreading or Fading
  • Porous or Non Porous Packaging
  • Economic Alternative to Costly Labels or Pre-printed boxes
  • Optional Head Heights
  • 4-Color Carton Printing

PrintJet has the Perfect Solution

At PrintJet we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with a total solution for coding equipment, inks and alternative parts for their specific application, while providing the most economical cost per code possible.

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