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Linx Industrial Inkjet Printers

Linx Continuous Inkjet Printers

The Linx 10 continuous inkjet printer was specifically designed for ease of use. This allows for one- to three-line printing on any dry substrate. Not only is the Linx 10 CIJ printer the smallest in the industry, it has a variety of message printing capabilities, such as:

  • Text, symbols, and numbers
  • Bold character printing (up to 10 times)
  • Upper-case and lower-case text
  • Rotated character (tower) printing
  • Variable character height and width

If you’d like more information, you can download the Linx 10 datasheet below or speak to one of PrintJet's experienced Applications Specialists to learn how we can provide the perfect total coding solution for your specific application with Linx printers.



Linx CIJ printers have many advantages over its competitors. The Linx 10 has the smallest footprint on the market, occupying merely a fraction of the space other entry-level industrial inkjet printers occupy while maintaining high reliability. Additionally, it can be fixed directly to the production line and features a lightweight design.

Benefits & Features:

  • Easy code setup allows for quick/error-free product changeovers
  • Integrated line speed sensor – Eliminating the need for extra equipment like a shaft encoder Quick setup
  • Ensures coding happens at the right time and place
  • Simple Coding Product imagery to select jobs leads to error-free code setup
  • Fluids are contained in sealed cartridges that click into place even during printing
  • No mess, no tools, no mistakes
  • Self-service the printer using on-screen instructions
  • Plan servicing around production schedules to reduce downtime
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Rated at IP55
  • Suitable for most coding environments
  • Completely sealed printhead for continual, reliable operation
    • Requires minimal cleaning to maintain optimal print quality
    • Autoflush – Linx’s automatic printhead cleaning feature allows for a quick, clean start every time 

Technical Specifications

In the tables below you will find some key technical specifications of the Linx 10 industrial inkjet printer. 

Printing Speeds and Sizes:

Lines of Print Supported

1 to 3

Message Height Range

0.07" to 0.22"

Character Width Range

0.07" to 0.17"

Maximum Line Speed

1 line: 524 ft/min

2 lines: 303 ft/min

Maximum Number of Characters per Second


Maximum Message Length


Recommended Distance from Printhead to Substrate


 Hardware Features

Service Module

Clean and simple to replace with no technician required with the Linx Easi-Change® Service Module

Printhead Flushing

Typical cleaning interval 1 month (35 starts and stops)

Fluid Cartridges

Cartridge system with RFID

Fluid Low Warning

Up to 2 hours warning from fluid "low" to "empty"

Operation Angle

Allows tilt up to +/- 2 degrees in operation; Supports printing from top, side, and bottom; Transportation can tolerate 45 degrees


Easy to carry, lightweight design that can easily be moved between production lines


7-inch, high-brightness, back-lit, full color touch screen with tough, solvent resistant polymer cover


Audio indicator of error conditions and screen alarm as a screensaver

Gear Pump

Durable with no scheduled changes required

Extended Shutdowns

Up to 4 weeks possible without printer flushing or draining

Software Features

Linx’s software on the Linx 10 CIJ printer has several different valuable features like step-by-step message creation and editing, single press print start, pause, and shutdown, and live message preview. Additionally, this printer also features:

  • Password protected functions with custom profiles for secure, mistake-proof operation

  • Job selection using real product images

  • On-screen help and diagnostics

  • On-screen instructions for changing Service Module, ink and solvent refilled and other functions

  • 31 Languages

  • PrintSync® automatic font and message format, based on style selected and line speed

  • Simple line speed and shaft encoder set up wizard, for installation on new production lines

  • On-screen keyboards

  • Message store and printer settings back up, copy and restore using USB storage device

Linx CIJ Printers offer a variety of features, while maintaining a small footprint and high reliability. You can't go wrong with a Linx inkjet coder. Interested in purchasing? View our product listing below or request more information here

Looking for Linx 4900?

The Linx 4900 is now considered a legacy printer and in the interest of ensuring our customers have the most up-to-date technology, new Linx 4900 printers are no longer offered for sale. The Linx CIJ 10 printer is a great alternative product, offering similar capabilities with improved performance. To learn more about upgrading from a legacy system, please contact our sales department for assistance. 


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About Continuous Ink Jet Printers

PrintJet has continuous ink jet printers for your small character, primary packaging and marking applications. Industrial inkjet printers print variable information like expiration dates and batch codes onto products or packaging as they move through production lines. They can be used in a number of industries like food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Linx CIJ Coder Features:

  • Easy to Use
  • Compact and Portable
  • 3 Lines of Printing Supported
  • Text, Symbols, Numbers Printing

PrintJet has the Perfect Solution

At PrintJet we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with a total solution for coding equipment, inks and alternative parts for their specific application, while providing the most economical cost per code possible.

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