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Linx TT500, TT750, & TT1000 Printers

linx tt500, tt750, and tt1000 tto printers

The Linx TT500, TT750, & TT1000 printers are the perfect choice for coding on flexible film packaging, labels, and gloss card while delivering high resolution images, minimizing downtime, and improving your productivity and efficiency. These printers find many applications in a number of industries, particularly within the snack food, confectionary, and pharmaceutical sectors.

The Linx TT500 thermal transfer overprinter is built with a 32mm wide printhead and is capable of printing onto flexible packaging and other materials. The Linx TT500 thermal transfer overprinter is built with a32mm or 53mm wide printhead, depending on the configuration selected. As with the TT500 the TT750 is also capable of printing onto flexible packaging and other materials. The TT1000 is also capable of printing onto flexible packaging and other materials. The TT1000 can print on objects at a rate of 700 prints per minute and line speeds of up to 1000mm per second.

If you’d like more information, speak to one of PrintJet's experienced Applications Specialists to learn how we can provide the perfect total coding solution for your specific application with Linx printers.

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Benefits of the Linx TT500, TT750, & TT1000

The benefits of the Linx TT500, TT750, & TT1000 are numerous and include:

  • Increased Production Line Uptime
    • With motors controlling the ribbon tension, there is less risk of ribbons breaking
    • The ribbon cassette design allows for quick and simple ribbon changes
    • Less maintenance and faster ribbon changeover allows for more uptime
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
    • Bi-directional motors create more prints per ribbon with a narrow gap between messages, maximizing your efficiency and reducing overprinting
  • Easy to Use
    • Color touch screen leads to fewer errors and easy operation
    • Message preview allows you to preview messages quickly and easily before coding to ensure no printing errors
    • Password protection adds another layer of security
    • On-board diagnostics maximize productivity
  • Flexible
    • The designs of these two models allows you to switch between intermittent and continuous printing modes easily
    • Both models fit into many existing coder brackets, allowing you to easily retro fit your production line


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Technical Specifications

General Performance

Intermittent Motion

Continuous Motion

Unique Solid-State Ribbon-Drive

Printhead Characteristics

TT5: 2.16”, 300 dpi, 12 dots/mm

TT10: 4.33”, 300dpi, 12 dots/mm
Print Area – Intermittent Motion Mode

TT5: 2.09” (W) x 2.95” (L)

TT10: 4.21” (W) x 2.95” (L)
Print Area – Continuous Motion Mode

TT5: 2.09” (W) x 5.31” (L)

TT10: 4.21” x 7.87” (L)
Ribbon Width

TT5: 0.79” – 2.17”

TT10: 2.17” – 4.33” 
Maximum Ribbon Length

TT5: 3937 ft

TT10: 22.97 ft 
Ribbon Range Options

Wax / Resin Ink

Resin Ink

Range of Colors available on request 
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Thermal Transfer Overprinters

PrintJet has thermal transfer overprinters for printing on flexible film packaging, labels, and more.

Linx TT5 & TT10 Features:

  • Increased Production Line Uptime
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Easy to Use
  • Flexible 
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