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Linx CSL Laser Printers


Linx CSL10, CSL30, & CSL60 Laser Marking Systems

PrintJet USA supplies Linx CSL10, CSL30, & CSL60 laser printers & marking systems. These systems have a number of key features that make them the clear choice for laser printers:

  • Easy to Use
    • Large color LinxVision® Touch Screen and LinxVision® software allow for easy message creation and printing parameters management
    • Setup wizards allow for simple installation and setup
    • The system is able to flip, mirror, or curve text to allow for coding on difficult shapes
    • Password controls restrict access and include digital signatures for each user interaction
    • Reliable
    • The Linx laser tube has a life of up to 45,000 hours

Additionally, the CSL10, CSL30, & CSL60 laser marking systems can help you meet your production targets. With a four-core processor, you are able to print large amounts of complex variable data, including 2D barcodes, onto high speed lines. The responsive and flexible system allows for quick message creation and communication with the laser, also allowing you to increase print or line speeds as your needs change. A unique feature, VisiCode®, enables crisp coding on glass, even at high speed lines. Finally, you can be sure of reliable operation in washdown environments with a full system IP65 rating.

If you’d like more information, speak to one of PrintJet's experienced Applications Specialists to learn how we can provide the perfect total coding solution for your specific application with Linx printers.

In terms of integration, the CSL10, CSL30, & CSL60 feature detachable marking heads that allow for integration into production environments and reduce servicing time. They also have a large range of configuration options of marking heads, lens, and tube wavelength with coding in any direction due to multiple beam delivery options.


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Technical Specifications

Laser Type Sealed RF excited CO2
Max. Laser Output (10.6 µm)

CSL10: 10w

CSL30: 30w

CSL60: 60w

Laser Wavelength

10.6 µm (Standard) or

9.3 µm (PET)

(or 10.2 µm (Card) only available on CSL30)

Laser Tube Life (Average) 45,000 hours
Line Speed Up to 2952.76 ft/min
Marking Speed Up to 2,100 characters/second
Number of Lines of Text Only limited by character size and marking field size 
Character Height Up to marking field size
Physical Material Stainless steel covers, anodized aluminum chassis

CSL10 with SHC60d head: 33.07 lbs

CSL30 with SHC60c head: 44.10 lbs

CSL60 with IP65 head: 59.50 lbs

Code Options Date, time, static text, variable text, serial numbers, shift codes, increment/ decrement (batch count), 1D/2D barcodes, graphics and logos, Julian date, Custom date and time formats, 2D codes including DotCode

For more information, view the CSL10 & CSL30 datasheet here or contact us today!

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Laser Printer

PrintJet has laser printers for your laser marking applications.

Linx CSL10, CSL30, & CSL60 Features:

  • Easy to Use
  • Reliable
  • Password Protected
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