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High Res Industrial Printers

High Res Industrial Printers 

Does your industrial inkjet printer have high-resolution capabilities? Regular documents may occasionally get away with lower quality text — your product and case coding, on the other hand, needs to be flawless when it makes its way onto store shelves or goes out to consumers. You want the codes and fine print on your products to look clean and professional, hence your need for an efficient high-resolution printer.

Because we at PrintJet care about industrial printer quality and, more importantly, your satisfaction, we have a large selection of OEM high-resolution printers and coders waiting for you in our inventory. We offer our printers at economical prices so that you can save money and focus your efforts on running a successful business.

Industrial High-Resolution Inkjet Printers

If you want to print industry-level graphics or markings, you need a printer that can give you high-quality pictures and text. Clarity is key when it comes to marking items in a way that both looks professional and appears legible for paying customers, which is why high-resolution printers are such valuable tools for many businesses. At PrintJet, we offer a multitude of high-resolution printers for business leaders or individuals who are looking for a clearer, smoother printing job.

Browse through our selection of ALE®, Altima, Proxima, and thermal inkjet high-resolution printers to find the one just right for your company. We offer a large selection of High-Resolution printers for businesses looking to cut back expenses without sacrificing quality:

  • ALE® High-Resolution Printer: ALE® printers offer the ideal solution for complex or large character printing needs, from logos and graphics to dates, barcodes and much more. We know you have more important challenges to focus on at your business than having to worry about keeping your printer up on cleaning and repairs — and luckily, ALE® high-resolution printers can manage without much maintenance thanks to their strength and durability.


  • Thermal Inkjet High-Resolution Printer: Our thermal inkjet high-resolution printers are versatile devices, allowing for the application of multiple languages and ink colors. Whether you need to mark your products with expiration dates, bar codes or serial numbers, these coders will meet all your needs with crisp, clear text and pictures. Like Proxima machines, our thermal inkjet printers offer easy setup, and they operate best for low-volume applications.


Order High-Resolution Printers From PrintJet

We understand the importance of creating clear marks and images on your products and packaging — that’s why we keep our prices economical and our customer support close at hand. Even if you’re unsure what model of printer you need, we will help guide and support you every step of the way with our training and installation services. Contact us today, and we’ll find a printer solution that will improve productivity in your business, allowing you to meet increasing demands.

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At PrintJet we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with a total solution for coding equipment, inks and alternative parts for their specific application, while providing the most economical cost per code possible.

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